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Whoever else can you trust more than yourself?


As an international fashion and beauty art director the task is to create the design, the supervision and conception of campaigns/productions, photoshoots and fashion shows. Being a perfectionist I will use my yearlong experience in the fashion and media industry to develop a quintessential final product.


From natural to avant-garde I selectively create the desired and commonly developed look with my hands to let it then speak for itself to promote and support the product/campaign in the perfect way. For bigger productions assisting hair –and make up artists are available to ensure an unobstructed workflow of the project.


As a salon owner and trainer for various other salons I lead the teams to work for the complete satisfaction of the client. To me, hair and fashion are inextricably linked. Being a master of my craft, I unite colour and cut to keep the hair as natural as possible, yet showing the unique beauty of it.


As a fashion and beauty expert I act as an adviser on various platforms, deliberating on matters like trends, fashion advice or how to create the perfect look. My work in this field can be found in national and international fashion magazines and various tv formats.

A reference list will be given on request.